How Creativity Feeds the Mind and Soul

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Take a moment to think about your favorite food. Is it something succulent and savory like a juicy hamburger? It could be simple and tangy, like a perfectly ripe peach. Now think about how eating this food makes you feel.

Just thinking about your favorite thing to eat has probably made you smile. Just as the food you love nourishes your body and makes you feel wholly content, accessing your creative side can feed your mind and soul.

You may not think you’re a creative person but you have just used your imagination to conjure something up vividly and taken yourself to a place, time and emotional experience without leaving the room.

When we’re creative, be it writing a story or reorganizing our bedroom, we have decided that we want to explore and experiment. We want to travel off the regular path of daily routine and access a different way of thinking.

The process of creativity is vital to keeping ourselves connected to our wellbeing more than we think. Researchers have found that doing something as simple as keeping a diary can fill you with an overall sense of purpose and meaning.

This is most likely due to how writing down your thoughts can allow you to access deeper emotions and beliefs to gain a stronger sense of identity in a world that often keeps us distracted and disengaged.

This benefit has a ripple effect; when we feel more creatively fulfilled, we are able to interact better socially and can deal with life’s issues in a much more holistic way. At work, we are able to come up with innovative solutions to obstacles when we are nourishing our creative side.

Research also shows that creativity is not limited to any personality type, meaning anyone, anywhere has the opportunity to tap into their creative side and use it as a tool for their wellbeing.

The first step is to find out what your creative leaning is. Do you like crafts? Maybe you’re interested in scrapbooking? Whatever it is, take time daily or weekly to invest in your creative hobby.

So when you’re bored and about to reach for your phone to scroll your endless social media feed, maybe pick up a pen or listen to some music while you go for a walk. It may grant you the spark of creativity that could lead you to your soul’s contentedness.



This article was contributed to Dreamwriters by Kezia Swanepoel, creative media expert, writer, and English teacher from South Africa.

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