Here with my husband and two daughters on our 13th anniversary!

Hello! My name is Amy Wong — but not the one from Futurama. Yes, my name is so popular that even Futurama named one of their characters with the SAME first and last name.

Parenting in the Internet Age

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Smartphone babysitting. You know what I’m talking about. It’s when you harmlessly hand over your iPad to your kids so that you can have a moment of peace. Then you realize 2 hours have passed and they are still watching videos of people playing Minecraft. I’m definitely guilty of this. You may be too. And like me, you may be worried about how this is impacting your children’s social, emotional, and physical well-being. …

Some children write stories because they want to, and some write stories because they have to. I definitely fell into the latter camp, writing mainly for the sole purpose of handing homework assignments in for school. I received a grade, and that was that.

In general, most parents know that learning to write is necessary and useful. But besides getting good grades at school or using it more functionally for work, why is writing, especially creative writing, so beneficial? Below are 7 reasons explored in further detail.

Reason #1: To Entertain

Children write stories to extend themselves as persons. They…

Visiting a book printer in Shenzhen, shortly after my 2nd daughter was born, still donning my pregnant lady glow.

In 2020, I decided to finally fulfill my dream of starting a business. The venture is called Dreamwriters, a self-publishing platform for young creative writers and artists. One component of the business is that it allows authors to print beautiful softcover editions of their stories. As such, I needed to find a reliable printer willing to partner with me.

I didn’t really know anyone in the printing industry. Most people in my network were loosely connected to printers, and so, I turned to Google to help me find one. I met and/or spoke to a dozen or so customer service…

In this article contributed to Dreamwriters by Kezia Swanepoel, a creative media expert, writer, and English teacher from South Africa, she analyzes the main reasons why kids are so naturally creative and what we can learn from them. Much of her learning is drawn from her own experience as an educator and from her research into creativity.

1) They go wherever their minds take them

For the most part, kids are unhindered by the past or the future. This allows them to be fully immersed in whatever they’re doing at the present moment. When kids play freely, they enter the “flow” state where creativity is at its peak…

The best briefs are insightful, provocative, and… brief.

Picture of s hand writing “Brief” on a notepad next to a keyboard and mug of coffee
Picture of s hand writing “Brief” on a notepad next to a keyboard and mug of coffee

I have been a marketing and advertising professional for close to 20 years. Between branding, marketing, advertising, direct marketing, and media, I have written more briefs than I can count.

A brief is a document that is provided to an agency partner that you want to hire for a particular project or campaign. This is usually the step after you have determined an overall go-to-market strategy for your brand.

Unfortunately, I have seen many marketers provide very poorly written briefs to their agencies. For example, I have seen some briefs that are missing concrete business or marketing objectives, lack audience…

The visualization and manifestation of goals can take on many forms. Oprah talked about using vision boards in several episodes of her show, which uses images and key words to map out your desired future state. Before Jim Carey became a famous actor, he would drive along Mulholland Drive, visualizing that he was already a famous actor. He wrote himself a $10 million dummy check for acting services rendered, which he achieved in the 3-year timeframe that he set for himself. …

This article was contributed to Dreamwriters by Kezia Swanpoel.

Watch any child in the midst of doing something they enjoy and you will bear witness to sheer, unbridled joy. Something as simple as blowing bubbles is a new and exciting opportunity for enjoyment and enthusiasm.

As we mature, we settle into the patterns of expected social behavior. We attend school or university; where we listen, take notes and study. We frantically cram what we have learned into our memory banks and then pour it back out into essays, tests and exams. The joy of the learning experience is muted. We…

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When I left my corporate job to start my own business, I was prepared to leave the comforts of a well-established company to enjoy the struggles of becoming a bootstrapping solopreneur. With a lack of human and financial resources at my disposal, I knew that I would need to do many things on my own and I was more than willing to learn. Having worked on my business for close to a year now, what I found was that acquiring new skills, while time-consuming, is actually the easy (or easier) part. The difficulty lies in navigating through the uncertainty and…

It has been close to 20 years since I entered the world of marketing and advertising. I was always very focused on my career, and at an early age, I thought about pursuing several different professions ranging from being a doctor to a marine biologist to a stock market trader.

By the time I entered my last year at university, I had narrowed it down to the world of advertising. The industry wasn’t something I had considered until a fellow classmate told me about her internship experience at McCann Erickson one summer. The more I learned the more fascinated I…

Amy Stella Wong

The founder of Dreamwriters, a self-publishing platform for young creative writers and artists.

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